How to hire the right excavator for your next project


Deciding which excavator for hire that you need for a construction project is a decision that can have a significant impact on the project outcome. Excavators are one of the most common types of machines in the construction industry, so finding and hiring an excavator isn’t difficult. However, excavators come in many different types and sizes that are suited for different job sizes and types. There are a few factors that everyone should always consider when searching for an excavator for hire.

How to hire the right excavator for your next project

The job size

When it comes to excavator hire, size does matter. The size of job has a direct effect on what type of excavator you’ll want to hire. Job size includes the amount of work that needs to be done for the project and the space available to accommodate the excavator.

Common residential works, such a pool digs or an excavation for a driveway, are small jobs that suit a smaller sized excavator. Mini excavators are usually the most suitable for urban and suburban residential jobs because larger excavators cannot safely operate between utility lines, power lines and houses. However, if you have a larger property and have the space for an excavator to operate freely, it can be more cost effective to hire a larger excavator that can get the work done faster.

Excavator hire for commercial jobs typically require hiring a larger excavator. Larger excavators are more suited for commercial projects which involve services such as heavy-duty earthmoving or demolition. However, the size of the job should still be considered. Jobs which are expected to take a few weeks need will need a larger excavator but a project that is expected to only take a few days can still suit a smaller excavator.

The standard excavator usually weighs above 6 tonnes and can fit a variety of attachments, allowing to to perform work on a wide range of projects.

A zero-swing excavator only has a very limited ability to swing its arm from side-to-side. This makes able to operate in very tight areas without damaging it surroundings.

Zero swing excavator

A long reach excavator has a longer excavator, giving it further reach. These excavators are suited for dredging and demolition jobs.

Long reach excavator

Mini excavators are a smaller version of a standard excavator. They usually weight below 5 tonnes and are suited to projects where there is very limited space. They are perfect for backyard projects such as pool digs or landscaping.

Mini excavator

Standard excavator

The excavator type

Excavators come in all different shapes and sizes, some of which ae more suited to certain job conditions than others than others. Here are just a few examples of excavator types:

Wet hire or dry hire?

The last thing to think about is whether you need excavator wet hire or excavator dry hire. If you have the skills to operate an excavator yourself, excavator dry hire is the way to go. However, if you require someone to operate the excavator for you, excavator wet hire will provide you with a qualified operator alongside the excavator. 

While hiring an experienced operator will increase the cost of your project, they will also complete the project more efficiently and to a higher standard.

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