How to prepare for tight access pool excavations


Australian summers are ruthless. It’s well known that inevitable summer heat is especially harsh without a backyard oasis to escape in. Pools are the reliable and long-standing solution to summer heat in NSW, and installing one in your yard is easier than ever with a tight access mini digger. While the term ‘tight access excavation’ sounds a bit spooky, Davis Contracting has the expertise required to execute projects like these without error. Let us walk you through exactly what to expect during a pool excavation.

How to hire the right excavator for your next project

With pool excavation, preparation is key

First off, it’s important to choose the right location for a pool excavation. There should be plenty of space not only for the finished pool, but also for the machinery and excavation workers required for the digging process around it. Properly clear the area of any vegetation, valuables or decorations. You should check with a professional that there are no plumbing or phone lines beneath the soil and the location you’ve chosen won’t cause a drainage issue in the future.

After everything is cleared and prepared, excavators will outline the dimensions of the pool. The outline will likely be slightly larger than the actual pool will be, to ensure room for inserted frames or pool decking. At this point, it's important to confirm that you’re happy with the outline before digging commences. Rick Davis Contracting’s team are considered well versed professionals, we know exactly where to dig through our years of

site excavation experience.

This looks like a job for a mini digger!

While our big diggers will work well for larger access points, tight access mini diggers may be required for smaller pool excavations. Mini diggers typically weigh less than your average excavator and are more compact in size, which means they can get serious work done in limited space.

This next part is where things may get loud and messy. Removing dirt from the earth is a grueling process, but our over 42 years of experience makes it a familiar routine for us. At this point, keep children and pets away from the site. As the soil conditions can be uncertain, it's important not to approach the edges of the excavation site to ensure your safety. Before this part of the job begins, it's also important to inform neighbors nearby of the oncoming commotion, to ensure they are not surprised by the noise.

Be prepared for any setbacks

Throughout this process, there may be setbacks to the job which are beyond control of the excavators. Unexpected rain can result in a muddy mess of an excavation site, delaying progress. If the excavation crew hits hard rock, they may need to reassess which machines to use so they can continue their work. They may also discover groundwater, in which case they’ll have to use pump systems to keep the site dry. Thankfully, these setbacks can always be overcome with the patience and proper care that our diligent team display on every project they do.

Pack it up, pack it in

Once the pool excavation is complete, there will be a large number of rocks and earth left in your yard. At this point, the excavation team will haul all of this away in a dump truck. We offer site clearing services for seamless removal of these unsightly leftovers.

We’ve got your back

If you need reliable tight access excavation services within NSW, Rick Davis Contracting is the company for the job. Our consistent understanding of what our customers want and how best to deliver it makes us the best choice when it comes to pool excavation services. Get in touch with us now so we can help you get your hands on a relaxing backyard paradise.

Hey, good lookin’

If colour and variation are important to you, concrete has the edge on the competition. You can stain, tint, etch, or stamp a concrete driveway to get a desired look, not to mention exposed concrete boasts a modern yet classic aesthetic. In contrast, asphalt must be rolled and compressed during installation – not ideal for adding variation. While you can get sealants with tints or colouring, your options are generally limited to black.

Round 6 Winner: Concrete

Choose Sydney’s detailed excavation specialists to construct your dream driveway

No matter which material you choose, Rick Davis Contracting is your first choice for five-star driveway construction services. Our expert crew boast decades of experience in detailed excavation and driveway preparation, including tight-access excavation for even the trickiest blocks. An eye for detail, top-of-the-line fleet of machinery, and thorough knowledge of unique terrain places the Rick Davis team at the top of Sydney’s driveway excavation contractors.

If you want to make sure the foundations of your driveway are as smooth and solid as possible no matter which material you choose, get in touch with the excavation experts at Rick Davis Contracting today.


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