What Does Site Clearing Involve?


Before you can start civil construction projects such as a car park or apartment building construction, you must first clear the worksite. This process involves removing all of the native vegetation and soils from the current working site. This process can be very involved and in order to create a successful civil construction project, you need to make sure that the site clearing is completed to the highest standard in order for the site levelling to be completed.

What Machinery Do You Need to Clear a Site?

Before you can start your site clearing project, you must first understand the scope of your project and the type of machinery you are going to need to complete your project. General site clearing for civil construction projects utilise machinery such as excavators, skid steer loaders and road trucks. Depending on the size of your project depends on the size you require for the excavators and skid steer loaders.

Vegetation Clearing 

The first step before site clearing begins is understanding where your project working area is and the surface area of the project. Clearing all of the undergrowth is the first step in vegetation clearing. This undergrowth includes small shrubs and other plants and weeds growing in the soil. Once the undergrowth is cleared from the project working area, the next step is to remove all rocks and heavier materials from the site as this can cause issues with the working area. Next is clearing the larger vegetation such as trees and larger shrubs. By clearing the undergrowth makes the overall working environment safer and give the operators more working space to remove the larger vegetation. The trees are then cut to a suitable height, making the removal of these stumps easier to work with. Using excavation machinery, the stumps are removed, and removal of the underground roots is the next step. If these underground roots aren’t dealt with properly, the decomposing roots can produce cracking in the foundation and concrete structures being built. You also have to make sure that all vegetation surrounding the project site is also cleared to ensure that re-growth doesn’t occur.

Surface Soil Clearing 

Clearing the surface soil is also a very important aspect of site clearing. Since the surface soil has various decomposing materials as well as plant roots embedded in the soil, this makes this surface very unstable and not suitable to build a foundation or building upon. This surface soil is then excavated using an excavator and loaded into a tipper truck that transports the soil offsite to where it can be utilised. Using a grader, you can prepare the existing groundwork for new soil which is much more stable and prepare it for the worksite foundation.

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