What is Rock Sawing?


When it comes to rock sawing, most know that it is a specialised job that requires the right equipment and skilled operators. You can often see rock sawing services used for excavation, demolition and site prep, among other project types.

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The Relevance of Rock Saws

By using rock saws, contractors, developers, and builders will be able to deliver effective and accurate solutions to excavating rocks for structural foundations that are built on difficult materials. Also, rock saws are often used because of their low noise levels and reduced vibration. This means that you can utilise them for demolition projects in places that are near residents, workers, and even hospitals and schools. They will provide minimal disturbance in the community.

Utilising Rock Saws

The basic function of a rock saw is to cut hard rocks. In many projects, rock sawing allows for accurate and clean cuts. These rocks can be igneous rocks or harder sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Moreover, before commencing, most workers will survey the location that will need rock sawing, and markings will be made in the ground. This is to make sure that there won’t be any features and installations that might obstruct the location. Efficient and precise cuts in concrete and rocks will be made, and this is when the work starts. The rock saws will create safe, smooth cuts in the ground.

Types of Rock Saws

Most companies use various rock saw attachments that will fit into their heavy-duty excavators. These saws are of different cut-widths and diameters. The rock saw that you choose will depend on the kind of job it will be for. It can be for projects such as landscaping, trenching, demolition, forestry and general excavations.

Here are the different types of rock saws you can consider for your project:

Diamond Rock Saws

These rock saws are mostly used in hard rock material such as sandstone. They can slice through the rock, leaving it smooth and having clean edges. They are also used in place of conical saws when it is difficult to saw the materials.

Precision Boundary Saws or Offset Saws

As the name suggests, these rock saws are used for cutting boundaries outside the machine’s width. The offset extension will allow for vibration-free and precise boundary cuts on a vertical wall or the sides of trenches.

Trench Rock Saws

These saws are used mainly to cut both sides of trenches and cut as deep or high as the reach of the excavator boom.

Tungsten Carbide Rock Saw

These can often be used for cutting limestone. This rock saw uses found teeth or picks. It is also incredibly versatile since it can be used to make horizontal and vertical cuts.

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