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What Does Rock Sawing Involve?

Rick Davis Contracting provides comprehensive rock sawing services. We deliver an efficient, accurate solution to excavate rock for structural foundations built on challenging materials. Rock Sawing is ideal as it has low noise levels and reduced vibrations making it ideal for demolition projects that require minimal noise like council and residential projects. Some applications include:

  • Trenches and pits
  • Wall and boundary sawing
  • Strip footings and beam foundation excavation 

What is Rock Excavation?

As an integral aspect of any major excavation project, rock excavation is defined as the excavation or hard, compacted or cemented materials that often require blasting or the use of ripping and excavating equipment larger than that defined for common excavation. There are two levels of execution, first is the mechanical method where rock is cut away at the bottom to form level bearing that follow natural strata. This can also include removal of boulders and fragments that may roll into excavations areas or careful removal of final layers to provide a base for footings and foundations. The second method is the explosive method where rocks are excavated by blasting in accordance with requirements of the approved proposal.

What Demolition Services Do We Provide?

Rick Davis Contracting has over four decades of experience, a reputation for exceptional quality and successfully completing challenging demolition projects in difficult terrain, we can perform demolition for the following projects:

  • House demolition
  • Pool demolition
  • Driveway demolition
  • Retaining wall demolition
  • Garage demolition
  • Concrete demolition
  • Brick demolition
  • Waste removal

Rick Davis Contracting also holds a restricted demolition license (DE2) and a class B asbestos removal license, meaning we can perform house demolition and are capable of non-friable asbestos removal.

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