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Rick Davis Contracting has for the last 42 years completed major civil contracting, excavation, rock sawing and earthmoving projects in Sydney and beyond.

Piering and Capping Beam
Piering & Capping Beam
Piering works
Piering Works
Rock Excavation work
Clontarf Rock Excavation
Sydney Rock Excavation
Sydney Rock Excavation
Factory Demolition
Factory Demolition
South Coogee Rock Excavation
South Coogee Rock Excavation
Cheeros Point Excavation
Cheeros Point Excavation
BMX Track Construction
BMX Track Construction
Multi storey building
Multi storey building demoliti...
Collaroy Excavation Project
Collaroy Excavation Project
Coogee Rock Excavation
Coogee Rock Excavation Project
Pool and House Excavation
Pool and House Excavation
Residential house demolition and rock excavation
Rose Bay Rock Excavation
Bower Street, Manly Street
Bower Street, Manly
Fairlight Rock Excavation
Fairlight Rock Excavation
Rick Davis Contracting provided a full complement of rock excavation and difficult access excavation services when working on this ambitious project f...
Grand Designs Australia Curl C...
This project was a residential house demolition and excavation in Allambie. The job required an excavation for the construction of a new two story dwe...
Allambie House Excavation
This project involved a two storey house and garage demolition as well as a full site clear. The property was sitting on class 4 Hawksbury sandstone r...
Manly House Rock Excavati...
The Cammeray project was a demolition, site clearance and rock excavation. The project started with a concrete 4 car garage demolition. The job had to...
Cammeray Rock Excavation

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