16 Tonne Excavator Hire

Looking to hire a massive excavator? The 16 tonne Takeuchi TB215OR excavator is the excavator for you! This excavator is made by Takeuchi, the home of the world’s first 350-degree slew compact excavator and the first compact tracked loader. Takeuchi’s global innovation is driven by their priorities of usability and durability in their manufacturing lines. The TB215OR comes complete with everything you need for jobs even on the steepest of slopes.

Rick Davis Contracting Compactor Hire Sydney 16 Tonne TB215OR Excavator

Why Hire Our 16 Tonne Excavator?

The 16 tonne Takeuchi TB215OR excavator is perfect for working on steep sites. It’s heavy-duty blade with float function helps to clean up and provide a stable platform on sloping ground. The TB215OR’s safety conscious features make sloping ground and urban areas easy to work on.


  • ​Fixed conventional boom
  • Reduced tail swing
  • Standard mono-boom, optional 2-piece boom
  • Precision touch-controls
  • EU Stage IV/ EPA tier 4 emission compliant
  • DOC +SCR exhaust
  • 3 Auxiliary hydraulic circuits 
  • Heavy-duty roof guard, sunshade, front window rain guard
  • Climate control, adjustable seat
  • Multi-function colour display, multi USB charging ports, radio and Bluetooth
  • ​Large radius rear view camera and 5 all-round mirrors
  • LED Work lights on the boom, cab, front and rear
  • Automatic step-down travel motors
  • Automatic deceleration
  • V-rib belt with automatic tensioner
  • Energy-saving hydraulic fan
  • Added cab space
  • Large cast steel wraparound counterweight
  • Triple flanged rollers
  • Two carrier rollers
  • Conveniently located hydraulic valve chest, fuel and hydraulic pumps


  • Maximum dig depth: 5530mm

  • Operating weight: 15.6 tonnes

  • Dimensions (mm) LxWxH: 7470x2690x2950

  • Digging force: 98.7kN

  • Boom reach: 8195mm

  • Track footprint dimensions (mm) LxW: 3750x2690

  • Minimum overhang: 350mm

  • Maximum dumping height: 6185mm

Available Attachments

  • Hammer
  • Shear
  • Rotate pipe
  • Dozer blade


Always use head protection!

Always use hearing protection!

Always use eye protection!

Always use hand protection!

How does the 16 tonne Takeuchi TB215OR perform in urban areas?

The TB215OR excavator, despite its size, is versatile and easily manoeuvrable in an urban environment. Its rear-view cameras and five different mirrors allow the operator full visibility of the structures and obstacles around them, meaning a small lot is extremely manageable.

This excavator also has a diverse range of attachments available, so you don’t need to hire more than one machine. The Wedgelock-manufactured tilt-hitch makes it even easier to pair the TB215OR with different attachments.

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Wet Hire or Dry Hire?

We do both wet hire and dry hire! Whether you want to operate the 16 tonne Takeuchi excavator or get someone else to do it, we keep our state-of-the-art machines well maintained and equipped. If you want us to do the excavation job for you, we can handle any job!

This massive excavator is your one-stop-shop.

Where can I hire the 16t excavator from?

We here at Rick Davis Contracting can go anywhere in the greater Sydney area! For clarification, that’s Sydney Metro, Manly, Mona Vale, Northern Beaches, Belrose, Ingleside, Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Bilgola, Mosman, Cremorne, Neutral Bay, Balmain, Birchgrove, Hunters Hill, Roselle, Eastern Suburbs, Bondi, North Ryde and surrounding suburbs. Just call us with your location and we’ll come to you.

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